gimme another minute baby…

cat sleepingMichelle snapped off this photo 20 minutes before she woke me up so I could drive her to work today. It dropped down below freezing last night so there were plenty of kitty leg warmers on the bed thru the morning.

Plenty to do this morning. A road trip to Corpus Christi is on the agenda for this weekend, our first visit to Michelle’s sister’s house this year. Haven’t seen the twins since Thanksgiving and I’m sure they’ve grown even bigger since then.

We have a big surprise packed in the car. I’d post a picture, but you’ll have to wait until next week as I don’t want to spoil the fun.

Venting is good

funny pictureThanks to all the peoples that listened as I vented out the frustrations of these past two weeks. I feel better knowing that I have the love of a good woman and I hang with some of the best people around.

Of course, it’s hard to be angry for long as the reality is everyone has problems at some point or another. And maybe there’s some truth to soaking up the experiences from your journey instead of focusing on the destination. I’m just glad that there were folks to lean on when everything got a little too much for me.

Burned off some of the stress at the gym these past two days. Looks like all that cardio work is starting to pay off. Managed an hour on the treadmill a HUGE improvement from when Michelle & I joined last year. Nothing like some good old fashion RAGE to give you that focused intensity needed for a better workout. Combine that with limited cash funds (Ramen noodles anyone?) and I’m sure I’ll be down to a slim 155lbs in the upcoming months.

Still here…

in a bad moodOK, so I neglected my website just a little…

Neglected is probably a poor choice of words, ignored maybe, couldn’t be bothered with, just really didn’t feel in the mood to come up with some lively story to entertain folks who may or may not be reading…

Nobody likes to hang out with you when your in a pissy mood. Can’t say I blame them, I wouldn’t want to hangout with me either. Course the reality is, everybody gets angry sometimes and I just happened to have a string of bad days.

Maybe I should have used this blog as an outlet for all that anger, but truth is unlike farmoretraffickedsitesoutthere my site fails to illicit any sort of response from YOU the reader. That’s fine, because nobody really does a blog or website just for themselves, we’re all attention whoring just a little bit.

Wow. You’re still reading this? I’m just rambling at this point as I’ve nothing interesting to say today. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Tomorrow I’ll be your sunshine boy…

Who Would Pay For Airline Food?

Apparently America West thinks the demand for airline food is so high customers are willing to pay for it. I caught this story on TV before I headed out to class, seems the rate will be roughly $3 for cheese & crackers and up to $10 for a chicken plate.

Uhm… NO. Bad enough the costs in the terminal are outrageous ($4 for a Whopper at BK?). You can keep my inflight meal, in fact, why don’t they take $10 off the cost of my ticket if I choose NOT to eat on the flight.