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The Illusion of Success – Five Truths Revealed

I’ve been kicking’ around this blog post for a while, but then I saw some updates from Justin Seeley & Glyn Dewis this week that motivated me to put hands to keyboard.

How many times have you heard or even thought the following to yourself,

“Why can’t I be lucky like [name]?”

“I want to be like [someone you admire], they catch all the breaks.”

“How did an idiot/moron/jackass like [name] get that promotion?”

“I’d trade places with [coworker/manager] in a heartbeat.”

“[person you envy] must live a charmed life.”

“There are already established leaders in what I want to do.”

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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe Creative Cloud Adds Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition

Adobe Digital Publishing SuiteStarting today, Creative Cloud members receive a significant update to their membership with the addition of the Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition. As announced on the Creative Cloud Team Blog, DPS Single Edition typically costs $395 per submitted publication, and Creative Cloud members will be able to submit an UNLIMITED number of apps at no cost. If you’re thinking about upgrading to CS6 start thinking about the benefits of Creative Cloud membership.

Lightroom 4 Added to Adobe Creative Cloud

Yesterday Adobe announced Lightroom 4 has been added to the Creative Cloud. As I’ve mentioned previously, the Creative Cloud will continue to grow in value as more items are added for subscribers. In addition to having access to all the CS6 software, plus 20GB online storage, future updates will include DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) Single Edition for subscribers. That’s right Creative Cloud subscribers will be able to publish to iPads & Android tablets. And who among you has taken advantage of website hosting with Business Site Catalyst that comes with Creative Cloud?

AJ Wood Jump Split Kick

Fun at the 2012 Dallas Comic Con

A spur of the moment decision led the family & I to the Dallas Comic Con over the weekend. I always forget to mark it on my calendar, which inevitably leaves me ill-prepared & without a camera at the event. Yes, I could have used my iPhone, but the visuals demand a better lens. It was jammed packed compared to last year’s convention, and I expect the trend to continue in 2013. Captain America seemed to be the hero of choice, although I expected to see more Trekkies given Patrick Stewart was on hand to sign autographs and answer questions.

For me, the highlight of this year’s event was the Big Freeze a 360˚ Photo Booth provided by You+Dallas. The setup uses roughly 48 DSLR cameras simultaneously triggered to render the 360 animated effect. I chatted briefly with one of the operators, and much of the tech used was designed by You+Dallas. After watching all the sample images from Comic Con participants I had to give it a try.

AJ Wood Jump Split Kick

Despite some mileage, I still manage to have a little spring in my step. *chuckle* The 360 animated view of my split kick is on the You+Comic Con page. I wasn’t the only one that had fun, click the image thumbnails below to view more 360 animated images: