Fast Forward Please

OK, I’m ready for Friday. It’s after 1pm and I haven’t gotten a damn thing accomplished today because of the constant interruptions, phone calls and last minute projects dropped in my lap.

I still have servers to build, vendors to talk to and a redesign that I’ll never get a chance to start if this crap keeps up. I can only hope I’m in a better mood tonight when Michelle gets home.

Did I mention the portrait photos we have scheduled this evening? Grrr… this is not my best day.

We’re back…

Picture of The Chinaman WOW. Michelle & I had an incredible weekend!

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Too bad it ended so quickly. We flew up to Michigan for our first unofficial engagement celebration with some of my good friends. The first place we stopped was Jamboozie’s Friday evening immediately after the airport. We caught up with Ron and his Detroit cover band Room13. After a late night Friday we got off to a slow start on Saturday, but I still managed to give Michelle the whirlwind tour of some of my old stomping grounds.

Saturday evening we met up at Mr. B’s where all my (and soon to be Michelle’s) friends joined us for some quick drinks & munchies. Michelle was the belle of the ball and everyone thought she was great. Comments ranged from “Damn! She’s hot!” to “A.J. my friend, you have locked in WAY out of your league”. After spending time chatting (and bitching out the waitress for slow service) we gathered the group and headed over to Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle.

Towards the end of the night Michelle & I headed back out to Jamboozie’s to catch the end of Ron’s set with Room13. The crowd was wild (some too wild) and we soaked in all the visuals as Ron downed shots between songs.

Rollin’ out on Sunday I had a chance to take Michelle to the Franklin Cider Mill for yummy donuts & hot apple cider. Haven’t found such a place in Dallas yet, but I’ll be there every weekend if one exists. Nothing like hot cider on a cold day and hmmm… donuts. Ron had fun snapping photos as we were attacked by a gaggle of ducks. With our bellies warm & full it was off to the airport for the flight home.

Getting away was great even if it was only a few days. Can’t wait to go back next month!

Another Weekend Getaway

Well, Michelle’s got a few more hours at the office before we head to the airport to get out of town. I’m definitely looking forward to some time off. A weekend free from the current everyday hassles here in Dallas will be a welcome change.

Be sure to stop back Monday as I’m sure to have lots of pictures posted from our trip and a few stories to tell.

Michelle & I Are Officially Engaged

Engagement ringShe asked how I knew…

So many images & feelings rushed through me that words alone could not suffice.

How could I explain the invitation I felt in the warmth of her smile… how I lost myself in the enchantment of her deep brown eyes?

Are words enough to describe the intimacy of a kiss or the anxious exuberance as we danced about in the dark?

She has provided me with strength in the virtue of her presence and I have surrendered at the anticipation of her caress.

Her spirit soars higher than the stars and Eternity is a lasting memory in her embrace.

Were I not but a man I would give her the world, as she has already captured my Heart.

She humbles me and yet my aspirations cling to so much more.

She embodies the Love of my yesterdays & tomorrows…

She asked how I knew…

I’m a very happy man right now. Details later…

I Am George Washington.

I snagged this link from Dawn Olsen (nope never personally conversed with her either) for some Wednesday morning entertainment.

Which Founding Father Are You?

Hmmm… guess I’m a sucker for those in need. Some people might try and take advantage of that.

Well, the elections weren’t much of a surprise. We’ll see how things shake out now that it’s GOP all the way. The most dramatic effect I feel will be the new judicial appointments. That’s going to have ramifications on pushing drug treatment vs. jail time for non-violent offenders and it will be a tough time for Pro-Choice advocates.