Blandford Visual Art

There are quite a number of great photographers I have had the pleasure of meeting personally during my travels around the country. They’re the folks with the books, the seminar series; the photographers every wants to meet, and say they’ve met.

The trouble with the famous or up-and-coming, is they generally know they’re famous, and some act the part. I have been surprised by the modesty of some, not so surprised at the vanity of others.

Which leads me to today’s post. Keith Blandford is a local north Texan with a love of photography. I met him during a class on Adobe Bridge I conducted for GUILD some time ago. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of Keith’s work in person, and he recently dove head first into iWeb to publish his work online.

Keith is a minimalist when it comes to digital editing, and his work certainly does not need any post-processing help. I envy admire his ability to see through the lens. His landscape photography catches my imagination, and I can’t help but study his images each time I look at his collection.

I would encourage you to visit his website Blandford Visual Art, and browse his pieces. Keith also has photographs for sale, which he masterfully prints himself.

Adobe TV Launches Along with Media Player

Adobe launched a new Media Player alongside its new Adobe TV channel. A review of the Adobe Media Player is up at Ars Technica. I agree with the initial assessment that limited channels & limited file support will not do much to peak interest. However, as an AIR-based application, the Media Player is a cross-platform solution for watching and storing web content on a local machine.

Consumers have numerous decisions to make when grabbing their content on the web. I’m interested to see which media players, video channels, and file formats will rise as the people’s choice.

Nets 87, Spurs 85 – Don’t call it a comeback…

Jason Kidd proved why he is an All-Star Friday night.Sorry for the early morning post, but when you start to render a movie in Adobe Premier your computer can’t possibly do anything else. I’ll have to setup a backup machine so I can surf the `net during those 9 hour sessions.

OK, well there’s not much I can tell you about Game 2. The Nets managed to hold on for the win despite a late rally by Tony Parker & Stephen Jackson. Tim Duncan seemed as frustrated with himself as he was with the changeup in the Nets defense; Dikembe Mutombo & Jason Collins had his number all night. There were many Shaq comparisons prior to the start of Game 2, but going 0-4 on the free throw line probably was not the skill Duncan wished to emulate. Especially when you consider that making those shots might have been the difference in the game.

But then that has been the weakness of the Spurs during the whole playoff series and continuing into the finals. Their free throw percentage as a team is horrible. Personally, I’m puzzled that Bruce Bowen can line up such a groove on 3-pointers and yet he’ll still miss from the stripe. Tim Duncan had a higher percentage during the 1999 finals and he shot about 70% during the regular season. For some reason that percentage almost drops below 50% in the post-season.

Gregg Popovich felt his team took the Nets too lightly after Game 1 and he’s probably right. You need FOUR wins to be NBA champions guys; the series isn’t over until that happens.