Site Updates

Made some menu/layout modifications this morning. I was finally able to make the menu header work with all the pages so there won’t be that generic text menu on the comedians, downloads, flash stories, etc.

I didn’t change the header for the photo gallery because I want the most screen space available for picture viewing.

Michelle’s feelin’ pretty tired this morning as she was up all night coughing. Going to make her some breakfast and then figure out what we’re doing today.

I Have A Lot Of Photo Essays!

While I was reading thru Sarah’s site earlier today I clicked over to Mad Pony and checked out their latest photo essays. It got me thinking – I have plenty of photo essays on this website. I know most people head straight for the downloads while others scan thru the blog, but if you haven’t checked out my photo albums you’re missing some good stuff.

You like to look at silly faces? Or maybe you prefer to see photos labeled with smart @ss remarks? I’ve got action photos and even pictures that recapture some of the fun I’ve shared with friends.

The photo album is probably my favorite part of the site. And look at that left-side menu – there are games, jokes, novels compacted into Flash and I review all the GREAT COMEDIANS that come thru Dallas.

OK, I’m going to fire up some popcorn for Michelle & throw in a DVD now.