Grrls Like Gamez

Why does Japan get all the fun? My sister’s the only grrl gamer I know, but it looks like the Trance Vibrator NSFW has the potential to bring couples together for a complete gaming experience. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “workin’ your joystick”. I got the controls baby, she’s havin’ all the fun… LOL. Made me think of that Nintendo commercial people like so much.

Link provided by Lane McFadden.

When Do We Get Treated Like Adults?

The way I see it if a video game doesn’t play well then the novelty of seeing some nude characters won’t last long. Is it really necessary to have a ban on something like this? Well, at least I don’t live in Greece

I find it interesting that on one hand Corporate America actively markets to younger audiences in hopes to groom the consumer, but then attempts to stick a hand in when it feels parents aren’t up to the task. Maybe that’s why so many movies & DVDs get edited to bits in pre-production just so there’s a sweet PG-13 rating for all the kiddies. Kinda sucks that the movie would have been a helluva lot better under the original director’s vision which touted an R rating, but then where’s the money in that?

Greek Law Bans Electronic Games

Can you believe this?

A new law passed in Greece bans the use of ANY device that allows electronic gaming. This includes Game Boy consoles (or any variation), cell phones, computers and the list goes on & on.

Many people including tourists have been fined heavily or even been sent to jail for violating this law. The most common violation is having a cell phone (those new Samsung phones have a fighter pilot game).

The part that’s troublesome about this law is that the government enacted it based on the fact that its law enforcement personnel were unable to distinguish between video games and electronic gambling machines.

Unbelievable. If you’ve never been politically active, you might take this as an extreme example of what happens when you don’t pay attention to your governmental politics.