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A few quick hits for Wednesday:

Ritz Camera the world’s largest camera retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. Ritz operates some of its stores under the name Wolf Camera, and its creditors include Nikon & Canon. According to a post in DPreview, “Court papers suggest that Ritz Cameras owes over $40 million to its two largest creditors: Nikon’s US subsidiary Nikon Inc. and Canon USA, with a further $8.4 million owed to Fujifilm USA, a subsidiary of which owns around a third of the company. To put the $26.6 million owed to Nikon Inc. into perspective, it would represent somewhere in the region of 20% of Nikon Inc’s expected annual operating income.”

Discovered some great macro photography this morning via Twitter. Paul Burwell snaps snowflakes up close. Really close.

Scott Kelby’s guest  blogger today is Syl Arena.

Photoshop CS4 Update AND Plugin. Found via Rufus Deuchler’s blog, get the latest PS update, and for the Mac faithful download the plugin for disabling track pad gestures that rotate your canvas unexpectedly.

Until tomorrow…

DFW Events – Week of February 22nd

Here’s what’s going on this week around the DFW metroplex:

Sandy Puc Tots 2 Teens – Today at 4pm. The Tots 2 Teens Seminar Tour covers all aspects of creating, executing, and marketing a successful program that covers children 18 months to young teens.

North Texas Photo Club – Thursday, Feb 26th the NTPC meeting will be about White Balance & Metering.

Texas Glamour Club – Darryl Briggs is running a photography workshop this Friday evening, Feb 27th.

DFW WordPress Meetup – Saturday, Feb 28th at 4pm. There will be a presentation on WordPress 2.7, Q&A, and technical discussion.

Wild West Shoot Out! – Sunday March 1st, in AUSTIN, TX. Darryl Briggs heads south with the crew to shoot on location at the Enchanted Springs Ranch.

DFW Events – Week of February 15th

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re halfway to Friday, which means the weekend might as well be here. If you’re in Dallas then you may want to attend some of the following events scheduled this weekend:

Dallas Digital Photography Club – Saturday, Feb 21st the club will be at the Ft Worth Zoo for an early morning photo safari. Tickets are going fast so register right away if interested.

DFWAUG – In case you miss the photo safari, also on Saturday, Feb 21st, my good friend J. Schuh will be delivering an over-the-top-you-gotta-see-it-to-believe presentation on After Effects. Not only is J. a skilled animator, expert After Effects dude AND charismatic speaker, his very presence will single-handedly crush you if you’re not paying attention.

Texas Glamour Club – Darryl Briggs is running another series of photography workshops this weekend beginning Friday evening, Feb 20th. The featured model is none other than hometown favorite Sheena Lee.

If you know of any community events happening around the DFW metroplex, feel free to message me so I can add them to my weekly announcements.

Why You’ll Never Be David Hill or Innovation Will Never Die

If you visited Scott Kelby’s blog you know that yesterday he revisited the “Dave Hill” technique, and today’s post was part II. I was surprised to read the disclaimer on the top of Scott’s blog, yet another reminder that people can be idiots. First of all, it’s disappointing that anyone–let alone a man who devotes his time to educating people–would get insulted and personally attacked for a blog entry. What’s worse, the topic wasn’t even a controversial one. You don’t like the David Hill style? Fine. Is it really necessary to rant incessantly in blog comments about being sick & tired? Frankly, I’m sick & tired of all the whining. On the surface, the arguments appear to be about the widespread use of the “Dave Hill” look, cheating your art by using plugins, or talentless folks taking money away from professionals.

I have to ask, “Why are YOU so angry?”

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But I’m an Artist! or Understanding Art & Business 101

This morning I caught a post by @Landailyn over on her blog Janinealogy. I felt the opening dialogue made the point:

Question: I am: a) retired, b) bored, c) unemployed, and I’m looking to work from home! I’ve used Photoshop for years!

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to: a) start my own business, b) make extra money

Answer: Photo restoration!! It’s so easy, even an anencephalic monkey can do it! You have everything you need! Photoshop! Good luck! 🙂

Janine not only beats the proverbial dead horse, she makes sure the poor thing is ground & chucked, and served as a violator’s last meal. I was going to leave a comment, but then I thought, “What a perfect opportunity to blog.” So yeah for you my loyal readers.

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