Concert Night In Austin!

If you’re wonderin’ where the Azarok crew will be tonight, well, that would be Austin! Tonight I’ll be poundin’ shots of whiskey with my sister Lesli AFTER her band Ms. Led kicks some punk rock butt at Emo’s.

Ladyfest has come to Texas and my sis finally decided she would venture south from Seattle and cross state lines. Should be a rockin’ show if her success in New York, Oregon & California are any indication.

So if by any chance you know somebody, who knows somebody, who might actually be in Austin tonight – SEND THEM TO EMO’s!!!

Ms. Led will hit the outdoor stage at 11:30PM.

Emo’s – Austin
603 Red River
Austin, TX
(512) 477-EMOS

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  • Lauren May 29, 2004   Reply →

    Poo whiskey, yay rum.

  • mr. helpful June 1, 2004   Reply →

    there is a benefit for ladyfest at good ole graceland here in seattle this friday and guess who is one of the bands playing? yup…the pride and joy’s

    my son’s band will be helping support your sister’s band in an indirect way…is that karma or what?

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