Fit Photographer Update – Progress Month 2

I’ve realized that I miss the structure of my youth. (My Dad just rolled over in the grave hearing that) The benefit of childhood is the worst thing in your life was chores & homework. Oh how we wish we could grow up faster until we realize how easier things were before.

My independence has gotten the better of me because frankly, I’m lazy. You, my loyal readers may think, “How is this possible? A.J. is freakin’ busy ALL THE TIME!” but alas it’s true. The laziness I speak of is not so much a sloth-like behavior as much as it is a lack of action or execution of an organized plan. The laziness I speak of is a cunning imagination that uses my busy schedule as an excuse in for not getting things done–things that should be considered more important that whatever has my attention at the moment.

It makes financial & fitness sense to buy some groceries, and prepare meals for the week, but it’s easier for the family if I just grab & go. Can’t really munch a salad while driving, it’s easier to chomp that chicken sandwich, or guzzle 3 Red Bulls. (Don’t tell my doctor, I’m on caffeine restriction) Regarding exercise, I have a legitimate excuse, pneumonia would keep most folks from taking up a fitness challenge. The good news is after three weeks of feeling like doggy-doo, an extra 7 pills in my daily diet has me juiced and feeling almost human. (I could punch through a plate glass window and not realize I just broke my hand)

Excuses make a whole lot of sense until you run out of them. I let my health get so bad that it’s a miracle I haven’t done any permanent damage. I thought about my Father while I was at the hospital last week. An avid smoker, he just couldn’t seem to break the habit even after successive heart attacks. Now, we know more today about the addiction of smoking than we did when he was alive, but the “cancer stick” motto was fact even then. It was after his second heart attack that he tried to quit. It was great for me, little asthmatic kid that I was, and I remember the pride in my father’s resolve to quit. I also remember the shame I felt when he started smoking again, initially asking me to keep it secret. Of course, it wasn’t secret for long, and by the time the third heart attack came along… well, I don’t really have much left to say on that. My father, grandfather, going back four generations of men, have all died from heart attacks. Oddly, in every instance, the first heart attack was caused by physical trauma (cue spooky music).

But here I am rambling again. Wave your hand the next time I do that.

As I was writing, my laziness is really more a patterned behavior of procrastination & excuses. I like to kid my wife, “I don’t procrastinate, I’m deadline driven.” The semantics of that argument work well in most things that have a deadline, but it hasn’t served me in this fitness thing. It’s just too easy to do other things. In my daily routine it’s just easier to focus on what my job requires, and what my family needs. I’d love a schedule, but the hectic routine of hunting down clients doesn’t leave openings for penciled in workouts. Frankly, I look around my home, and just think, “There’s too much to do.”

In summary, I’ve not much progress to report in this second month of fitness. My BMI is about the same, and surprisingly even with the pneumonia, I added weight since my last update–202lbs. Carlos posted last week about his challenges of staying on track while attending Imaging USA. Next week I’ll be in San Jose, CA, assuming I’m medically cleared to fly. We’ll see if I can meet the fitness challenge while out on the road.

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  • John Hays January 26, 2009   Reply →

    AJ, click the link I’m including in this post. It’s my Beachbody store. They now have a 10 minute trainer. 10 minutes! You ALWAYS have 10 minutes, even in a hotel room!

    All the men in my family have lately become victims of heart conditions. You know what happened with my dad. Let’s both make sure this doesn’t happen to us buddy!!

  • John Hays January 26, 2009   Reply →

    BTW, the link is in my name, but just in case:

  • carlos benjamin February 4, 2009   Reply →

    Hey buddy, I’m posting a link to this from my latest post (today).

    As long as you’re thinking about what your family needs you might burrow a bit below the surface and see that what they need most of all is you……

    I’m pulling for you. If there’s anything I can do to help, just say the word.

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