DFW Events – Week of Aug 3rd – Anyone?

Afternoon all. It’s a light week, with nary an item on my calendar. If you have an event @reply me on Twitter and I’ll post it here or you can simply leave a note in the comments.

I’ve had a few folks hit me up on Twitter asking what my intentions are for the blog. I think it was just a ploy to see if I get more consistent with posting. As any blogger will tell you, there are highs & lows, and points where outside forces intervene. I’m not going the way of the white rabbit, but I have been lapse in consistent content.

OK, what I’m not going to do is write a blog post about not posting. Suffice to say, content is coming. Long time readers know, where there’s a will there’s still a blog. For the time being, you can count on the weekly events post every Monday.

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