Auto Align Layers to Fix Faces & Create Multiplicity Photos with Photoshop – I Create Content #17

Later afternoon post today. You’ll note I’m not my usual spunky self in this episode as my brother-in-law had two mild strokes this week. Please keep his family in your thoughts & prayers.

For our Photoshop tip, I answer a viewer question regarding Auto-Align features in Photoshop to fix faces in group photos and create the ever popular multiplicity effect.

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  • Diane July 20, 2011   Reply →

    My thoughts and prayers are with your brother-in-law and family.

    Thank you for this excellent tutorial. I am a beginner and appreciate your way of teaching new concepts! Thank you again for all that you do. You are wonderful.

  • Rick "SeiberShots" Seibert July 20, 2011   Reply →

    Prayers are going up for your brother-in-law. Love what you do and appreciate you.


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