Will It Never End?

Well, take a look around because a lot was done on the site today. I converted the last of the photo albums I had on the old website – Yippee!

Basically, the albums are now where they were several months ago (except for the addition of 2002). I still have to redo the captions and I’m still editing the photos that never got posted.

I did have some time to post “new” pics. Checkout our lake adventure which happened at the beginning of the summer. And there were just a few photos from Geoff’s birthday last Friday.

Lazy weekend…

Michelle & I kicked off our weekend at GameWorks where we joined Geoff for a belated birthday celebration. (His birthday was Sept 11th) Will post those pictures later today.

Been pretty lazy ever since. Yesterday we ran a couple of errands, e.g. groceries & knick knacks for the house, then we somehow got sucked into a Real World marathon for the rest of the evening. We made a channel change well after 9pm when I threw in “Pitch Black” with Vin Diesel. Cool movie, MUCH better if you watch the Director’s Cut. It was a late night and Michelle’s still sleepin’ it off… *wicked grin*

Right now there’s NFL games playin’ in the background while I check out the latest on the `Net.

I got some great feedback over at the Oish forums about my website. In response to what was said I will be doing more work on the photo albums this week. For those who don’t know I converted all my original albums from a CGI script (written by Mark) to a PHP module by Gallery. I’ve been able to repost a lot of my pictures, but there are more recent photos that I need to get up here.

Look for photo links to come back to the Who’s Who section as well as some newer photos.

Greek Law Bans Electronic Games

Can you believe this?

A new law passed in Greece bans the use of ANY device that allows electronic gaming. This includes Game Boy consoles (or any variation), cell phones, computers and the list goes on & on.

Many people including tourists have been fined heavily or even been sent to jail for violating this law. The most common violation is having a cell phone (those new Samsung phones have a fighter pilot game).

The part that’s troublesome about this law is that the government enacted it based on the fact that its law enforcement personnel were unable to distinguish between video games and electronic gambling machines.

Unbelievable. If you’ve never been politically active, you might take this as an extreme example of what happens when you don’t pay attention to your governmental politics.