Campaign 2004

Once in a while I get the random e-mail from a Hotmail or Yahoo account that lambastes me for “my left wing views and support of all things liberal”. First off, I’ve never identified myself with either party and I’ve always welcomed open debate on whatever topic I happened to write about. I am fairly open-minded on a number of subjects, but a recent e-mail attempted to pin me down as to what exactly I stood for in this upcoming election year. Off the top of my head here’s what I think:

1. I believe in personal responsibility. While the chaos theory is in effect, YOU are ultimately responsible for the events surrounding your life. If you spill hot coffee on yourself it’s not the restaurant’s fault for making the coffee too hot, you’re just f#ckin’ clumsy. Sure Micky D’s has delicious cheeseburgers & fries & shakes & cookies, but damn man, put that shit down or you will get fat.

2. Family values come from family not the government. The thing I find most interesting about the Republican Party is while they tout a free market economy and less government control of businesses this doesn’t stop them from forcing their dogma on private citizens. If less government control is good for business then it sure as hell is good enough for consumers. It’s not the government’s responsibility to be the watchdog for family values, it is a family’s responsibility. If there’s a decline in family values it’s because families are less inclined to look at themselves first before passing the buck. You can’t control the media, the Internet, social peers, etc., but you can be a direct influence on your child’s life and their values.

3. Frivolous lawsuits bring damnation. As an amendment to Rob’s idea I say that the first offense to a frivolous lawsuit should be an immediately won countersuit, the second offense should be a public caning and finally if you just seem intent on being stupid the government simply deports you.

4. Of interest only to me. In a recent SprintPCS commercial a father complains that because his daughter’s nighttime phone minutes start at 9pm she prattles endlessly to the family (while braiding their hair). While it strikes a bit of funny seeing suburbanites decked out like Coolio I couldn’t help but wonder “What preteen needs a cell phone?” More importantly what kind of lifestyle do they lead? Maybe I’ve crossed that threshold into adulthood where I’m completely out of touch with the younger generation. I just recall simpler times as a kid. There were only four destinations as a kid – home, school, friend’s house and work (if you slipped passed that manager with a fake ID). It seems to me all these places still come with regular phones. And what about AIM? I’m thinkin’ Suzy/Sally/whatever would be chattin’ away online, typin’ in her blog, posting PhotoShopped love collages as a free technology alternative before gettin’ strapped with a cell phone.

No f%ckin’ way…

“For years, I’ve been pretty sure that I did not murder my wife,” Simpson said today at a golf course in Boca Raton, Fla., where he was taking a rare break from searching for the real killers of his wife. “But if Johnnie’s not 100 percent sure, I’m like, hey, maybe I better take another look at this.”

Take another look? WTF?!?!?!! Read that whole story here. CCed from yesterday’s Davezilla.

9-11 aftermath

“Holy War” has to be the biggest frickin’ oxymoron on the planet.

It’s been over a week since the terrorists acts shook our country and I find myself wanting to throw up. I am appalled by the violence, religious dogma and all-consuming ignorance being committed by OUR OWN PEOPLE. While the world shows it’s sympathy & support and thousands of US citizens rally to donate time, money & blood> there are those who undercut our humanity with contempt & selfish ideals.

You’ve heard about them on the news. The ones trying to make a quick buck. The bigots who choose to harass while coping with their miserable existence. Those that would spit in the face of other Americans and their heritage. It makes me angry, but more than it makes me feel ashamed.

God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve.BULLSHIT. Tell that to the families who lost their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands & wives in an act of unspeakable violence. NOBODY, be they Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Straight, Gay, Republican or Democrat deserve anything remotely resembling the events of last week. I overheard a friend explaining how the Taliban twists the Kuran and the religion of Islam as part of their quest for power and I’ve been witnessing the same arrogance by televangilists for years.

I have to wonder what part of “United We Stand” is lost on these people? With a prolonged campaign inevitably approaching against this terrorist threat let us not forget what it means to be free or the responsibility that comes with such freedom. Now is the time to rally together and show the world the best that America has to offer not bicker like little children who missed nap time.

Teen Model Sites Too Much

The pedophiles must be having a field day. I thought pre-teen pageants were bad, but this is ridiculous. Sure, some crazy parents have this notion that “precious” needs to harness her acting/modeling/singing talents before the hormones kick in. They send her to all kinds of classes, whether she has any real talent or not, and perhaps she actually enjoys the activities when given a choice.

Still, it makes me wonder what kind of freak has their 11yr old daughter parade around in a thong that some stranger mailed to their house? What’s “childlike & innocent” about a little girl wearing a halter top, short shorts and go-go boots while grooming her horse? “Profits go to my college fund” Please, any profits are being spent on the drugs your parents are taking. Hopefully they don’t blow the whole wad because Lil Amber will need lots `o therapy before she gets out of highschool.

Cell Phones Don’t Kill People

Cell phones don’t kill people, IRRESPONSIBLE, IGNORANT, LOUSY DRIVERS kill people. Enacting bans on cell phones isn’t going to prevent the same class of idiot from hitting someone else while they change a shirt, munch on food they just snagged from the drive-thru window, apply makeup because they’re late for work or change CDs while yapping with the passenger sitting next to them. If the cellular companies were smart they’d pay Lexus to rerun their safety commercials that were so popular two years ago. Hopefully, these new laws won’t get passed without a lot of noise from businesses & consumers alike.

Sometimes I think people just take their freedom for granted. What happened to personal responsibility? If some poor schmuck goes through the car windshield because he didn’t where his seatbelt that’s Darwinism baby. Wasting my tax dollars to arrest people because some bureaucrat wanted to save people from themselves, that’s just rude. But tragedies like the Columbine Massacre only rally the masses to point fingers at everyone else. Blame the media – movies & TV are too violent, blame the Internet – Doom, Unreal & Counterstrike are too violent, blame the NRA – they make guns accessible to children. Daycare is bad, homeschooling is good. Like a teeter-totter society goes from one extreme to the other while most of us in the middle suffer the consequences.

You want to make a difference? Start with yourself. God may save your soul, but you deal with people on a daily basis. Respect is a mutual thing. Don’t like what the government is doing? Get involved. Use technology to your advantage and find out who your state senator is. Think kids today have no values? Your neighborhood is going to pot? Get involved. Check out your local community services.

Can’t wait until a stoplight to dial that number or invest $5 in a hands-free kit for your cell phone? Then you might as well shut up & drive…