Teen Model Sites Too Much

The pedophiles must be having a field day. I thought pre-teen pageants were bad, but this is ridiculous. Sure, some crazy parents have this notion that “precious” needs to harness her acting/modeling/singing talents before the hormones kick in. They send her to all kinds of classes, whether she has any real talent or not, and perhaps she actually enjoys the activities when given a choice.

Still, it makes me wonder what kind of freak has their 11yr old daughter parade around in a thong that some stranger mailed to their house? What’s “childlike & innocent” about a little girl wearing a halter top, short shorts and go-go boots while grooming her horse? “Profits go to my college fund” Please, any profits are being spent on the drugs your parents are taking. Hopefully they don’t blow the whole wad because Lil Amber will need lots `o therapy before she gets out of highschool.

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