Wasting Away In The War On Drugs

In the news today. I’m definitely of the mind that the current tactics for curbing drug use aren’t working. However, I don’t think all drugs can be classified in the same category. I agree with those that say marijuana is no more dangerous then alcohol, but pot is labeled by many as a “gateway” drug. It amazes me that regardless of where people stand on this topic, there’s as many arguments about what the root problem is as there are about a fixing it. Now I’m not endorsing drug use, I just disagree that the “drug war” is a black & white issue, like many of the problems our planet faces.

I believe in the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid. To me if John is smokin’ a joint after work in the privacy of his own home, I really don’t care. Now if John comes into work or drives around all messed up, then I think he should be prosecuted just the same as if he’d been drinking. His actions have directly impacted the general public and caused potential harm. Now you could argue that pot is worse than alcohol and it will lead to “hardcore” drug use, but really what are you basing that opinion on? The fact is some people smoke pot like others drink; moderately or for recreational purposes.

Before we run up the moral flag and say “Don’t do that, it’s bad, say NO to drugs!” maybe we should take a closer look as to why some people are taking them. Obviously, there’s a high demand so why should the suppliers curb production?

Anyway you slice it, there are issues the American people need to deal with. It’s a shame that for all our freedom, we seem to need a lot of coddling by the establishment.

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