let’s beat this one to death…

Don’t be surprised if everyone in the blogosphere has something to say today about the weekend tragedy of the Shuttle Columbia. I had the news on this morning while I got ready for class and many reports are already surrounding what caused Saturday’s crash.

As with most investigations, there will be a lot of finger pointing – the government cut NASA’s budget too much, NASA didn’t do enough to ensure the safety of the crew – it seems part of the grieving process is having someone or something to blame.

This post by Dan sums up my mood at the moment. Let me point out that I don’t think the deaths of those astronauts are trivial, but I do feel that NASA has been uninspiring for quite some time.

I didn’t even know there was a shuttle landing happening on Saturday. I was in my car headed out of town. Unless you are an avid fan of the space program, I’d say the general public really wasn’t thinking about the landing either. It’s sad that the only notable events from NASA in my lifetime have been tragic.

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