Does Bush Have A Long Term Plan?

What benefit does ousting Saddam bring if Anti-Americanism grows in non-Islamic countries?

How will the U.S. be more secure if it snubs its nose at its allies? Say what you want about the Europeans, but does the U.S. need more enemies?

What’s the point of beating up the neighborhood bully, if the other kids don’t want YOU on the playground anymore?

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  • the evil queen February 11, 2003   Reply →

    that’s what *I’M* talkin’ about!

    xoxo, jared

  • Rick February 11, 2003   Reply →

    It’s been really interesting watching this unfold as an American overseas. The majority of Australians are opposed to war against Iraq even though the prime minister fully supports America’s postion ( ). The opposing political party (labor) is using this as an election issue, saying that Howard secretly agreed to support America months ago in exchange for America’s trade support.

    There are several rallies happening throughout Australia, with a huge rally planned for when the bombing starts….. I wouldn’t be surprised if the country shuts down for it.

    When I speak with Aussies, basically they feel that Bush is not giving peace a chance…. and that innocent civilians will die in Iraq. When I say, “what about all the genocide that Saddam has committed and the possible links with terrorism…. including the Bali Bombings (88 Australians killed)?” They simply respond…. “why do more people have to die? Is there any other way to oust Saddam without blowing Iraq to the stone age? Is he really a threat anyway?”

    I don’t necessarily agree with them…. but regardless, as you say….is America snubbing it’s nose at it’s Allies? It’s certainly created tension here in Australia…. even with the full backing of the Australian leadership. The media claims that this is the first war that the public does not support since Vietnam.

  • A.J. Wood February 11, 2003   Reply →

    I wonder what impact Anti-Americanism will have on the global economy?

    I still wonder what makes N. Korea less of a threat than Iraq.

    It’s interesting to note how the world rallied behind the U.S. after 9-11 and today you have this growing resentment (in Europe of all places).

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