I have no sympathy for stupid people.

Who can blame today’s kids for being apathetic & rebellious? I’d be pissed too if my rights kept being violated. It was a little over a year ago that some school official decided thong checks were in order before a school dance and now you can’t even go to an off-campus party without the principal calling for STD testing the next day. It’s no wonder that teens need their own lobbyist group.

In unrelated news, can we just shoot all the stupid people please? Two years ago I was surprised by the number of children being left in unattended vehicles and today IT’S STILL A PROBLEM. I would venture that I read about this type of death on average every two to three months. What the hell? Are people so consumed with their own personal issues that they can’t focus on anything else for more than two seconds?

HELP!!! Somebody stop the insanity!!!

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  • Rob July 9, 2003   Reply →

    Wow – we both have stupidity-related posts on the same day. You and I must be on the same wavelengh. This immediately puts me in fear of your safety.

    Nice posts. These are just a few more examples proving my long standing theory in life: “People are idiots.”

  • I lived in a town a few years ago where the father of a newborn left the child in his car and went into work one morning. He went out to his car at lunch, didn’t notice, and later that afternoon got a call from the sitter wondering if the child was sick and if he would be back at daycare the next day. Then ::::poof::: he remembered his infant in the back of his vehicle. Alot of people in the community said the father had been punished enough due to the death of his child……I HAD A REALLY FREAKING HARD TIME FOLLOWING THE LOGIC OF THOSE PEOPLE!!! How does on forget a living, breathing, eating, screaming part of themselves???? Unreal.

  • Rick Lay July 9, 2003   Reply →

    My wife and I were surprised by a story on the news here the other night. A woman in Texas was pulled over after a trucker spotted her breast feeding her child while driving. Of course, the Aussies always try and point out America’s better qualities!

  • Lauren July 10, 2003   Reply →

    Wow, stories like that make me feel lucky to have my parents. My mom locked me in the house one time by accident, and ended up crawling through a 2nd story window to get in.

  • Da Goddess July 14, 2003   Reply →

    The thong checker, Rita Wilson….was the Vice Principal at a school not too far from here. My son and daughter will likely end up at that school and I’m glad she’s no longer there. Unfortunately, she’s back to teaching in the same district. I worry about that.

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