A Day of rememberance

Having survived personal tragedy myself I know that eventually you get passed the mourning and go back to your routine. Letting go of the pain makes some people feel guilty, but just because the pain starts to fade doesn’t mean the memories have any less meaning.

Some people will have specific entries related to 9-11, compelling entries with more conviction, honest opinion & hope, others will respect the memory without comment and many will have moved on.

3,021 lives lost. We won’t forget, but we will continue to look to the future.

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  • Lauren September 11, 2003   Reply →

    Well said.

  • breaky September 11, 2003   Reply →

    dont forget how many innocent people in iraq, kosovo, afghanistan were killed…

  • A.J. Wood September 11, 2003   Reply →

    Nope. I think of those people as well.

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