My life sponsored by Namco…

We can’t escape it, Corporate America has taken hold of the people and it will not release its grasp until it has converted the masses. Converted into what you say? Hell if I know, I just anticipate needing a corporate sponsor for my wedding and endorsements if Michelle & I have kids in the future.

It seems the Direct Marketing industry struck a blow to the FTC’s Do Not Call list which was supposed to go into effect October 1st. The list (found at would allow citizens to opt out of the thousands of telemarketer calls made on a daily basis around the country. By registering on the list you would be allowed to file charges/complaints/etc against any marketer that bothered you once the list was in effect.

Thanks to intervention by the U.S. Court in Oklahoma City the list will not be activated on schedule.

I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but the only calls I receive on a landline are telemarketer calls. An average of 35 a day, I shit you not – 35 A DAY. Say what you want about having Caller ID, the point is at least once every 15 minutes my home phone rings. And after I get home from work, guaranteed there will be an answering machine full of “Hello… hello?” *click* or dialtones in five minute increments. I finally unplugged my home phone because it was too much of a hassle.

It’s an interesting dichotomy as advertisers & consumers need each other. I’m just of the opinion that in the interest of making the almighty dollar society at this point is becoming way too commercialized for my tastes. I understand the need to have billboards placed prominently throughout an arena, but does it really drive up sales by calling the stadium Bank One Ballpark? Is it really such a big deal to say “You’re watching the Rose Bowl sponsored in part by Taco Bell” as opposed to “Welcome to the Taco Bell Rose Bowl Championship”. Blech… every time I hear that or something similar I want to throw up. Public venues are essentially corporate franchises named or renamed. Hell, goto and I’d be willing to bet you’ll see Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in multiple cities.

What’s in a name?

Apparently millions of dollars in ad revenue.

Maybe it’s the force fed approach that gets to me. The fact that it’s intrusive and companies are allowed to hoard demographic data as they see fit. I personally don’t want my time wasted with telemarketer calls. Especially on my cell phone. Uhm… excuse me, but now you expect me to pay for the minutes used while I tell you to stop calling me? I’m sure folks around the country (except during the Superbowl) step away from the TV when a commercial comes on and even more will embrace Tivo or other cable options because there’s less advertising. Don’t tell me I have to watch your commercials, I don’t have to watch and I don’t have to buy.

Take note Corporate America, the average consumer is inundated with your marketing crap via phone, fax, e-mail, snail-mail, TV, etc., on a daily basis. It’s starting to feel like The Truman Show so for the love of God maybe you can turn it down just a notch.

UPDATE 2:12PMNice to see I’m not the only one pissed off by this.

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  • RP September 24, 2003   Reply →

    First of all, great to see an elongated AJ post.

    If I may touch on a minor part of your piece…

    You are quite correct, sir. At the electronics store where I work, one of my main duties is to run the TicketMaster booth. We have several binders filled with maps of different venues, and I’d estimate at least 80% of them have corporate sponsors. And the majority of non-sponsored arenas are casinos on Indian Reservations. Vewwy Intewesting.

  • bhw September 25, 2003   Reply →

    AJ, if you’re getting that many telemarketing calls, I’d recommend changing your number and making it unlisted [if the do not call list gets killed for real]. We changed our home number about two years ago, and we pay about $3/month to keep it out of the listings. It seriously decreased the incoming calls. But of course it’s more inconvenient for you.

    Just a suggestion.

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