Uhm… yes, I feel secure…

Moving on from yesterday. Explain to me again how the nation’s security is so much better post 9-11? Paranoid yes, better MORE efficient? I don’t think so.

Just yesterday in Portland, Maine the airport had to be evacuated because airport screeners mistook a passenger’s flute for a bomb. Apparently the passenger was questioned about the flute then allowed to get on his plane without it. Meantime, the bomb squad had to come and investigate requiring 8 flights and 300 passengers to be evacuated.

I’m missing the part where the passenger didn’t adequately explain inside his bag was A FLUTE. Apparently he was a frequent flyer and while the article is very short I didn’t get any indication that his behavior was suspicious.

I’m reminded of Ben Stiller in Meet The Parents where he says “You mean I can’t say the word ’bomb’? Bomb-ba-bomb-bomb-bomb!” and it gets him thrown off the plane.

I don’t want the government to make me FEEL secure, those efforts end up seeming pretty shallow. Let’s see some steps for security that are proactive not reactive.

Avid readers know I’m not a very good flyer as the last time I had items removed from my possession by an airport screener (a money clip, nail scissors & disposable razor) I kindly reminded him that I was completely capable of killing someone with my bare hands.

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