Moron of the week

Here’s a late night post because Lord only knows how busy I’ll be tomorrow. Before I recant today’s events a small round of applause as I managed to get all the old entries reloaded. There’s still a bit of reformatting & relinking that needs to be done (a new MT database means all the individual entries have new names), but I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that this is THE LAST TIME I’ll have to reload the database. I’m thinkin’ of adding a new category or at least trying to better arrange existing categories. I’ll leave it to you to decide who was the bigger moron today:

Moron #1 – If there’s one thing Azarok fans know it’s that yours truly ABSOLUTELY cannot tolerate animal abuse. Rest assured if I ever visit the Nashville and stumble upon Chad Crawford I’ll be sure to drop kick his ass. Apparently Chad and his friends thought it would be entertaining to punt somebody’s pet terrier. Way to go Chad, killin’ small animals is the true test of manhood. Schmuck.

Moron #2 – OK, maybe this is my pet peeve, but what is up with people in Dallas talkin’ on their cell phones while they take a crap? This morning I walked into the restroom to wash my hands after scarfing a breakfast croissant and some yummy cini-minis and there’s a guy in full conversation while squeezin’ out some raisinets. Every few seconds he would pause and make a muffled grunt. Not one to pass up an opportunity I stepped into the next stall and flushed the toilet. The guy then tried to cover up for the noise and muttered something about being in a public place. That’s when I banged on his door and said “Hey buddy, you finished yet? The other toilet is backed up.” Heh heh, I’m such a stinker.

UPDATE 11:47PM – After months trying to make it as a dancer in LA you get a call to sub for a friend on the Tonight Show. William Hung needs someone to shake a little tail feather with him. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do? That guy either exudes an extreme amount of confidence or is the textbook example of “Ignorance is Bliss”.

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