I Need PSW Love

Alrighty. I had planned a much longer post hours ago, when I hadn’t started ALL the things I started that I just now finished, which has me up late/early instead of sleeping, which would be a good idea considering I have a Flash class in about 7 hours. With that in mind, let me get to the point – I need your help to get to Photoshop World. Now, I’m not talking about a fundraiser. Don’t want your money–but feel free to hire me for your training needs ;^) –no, what I need is your support in convincing the wonderful folks at NAPP that yours truly would be an awesome speaker. If you’ve ever taken a class from me, if you enjoy my Twitter Adobe tips, if my tutorials on LayersMagazine.com rock your socks off, then tell a friend, hug a stranger, write your Congressman, tell your Twitter peeps, shout it on Facebook, post on the NAPP forums–you want to see me deliver my first class at Photoshop World this October 2009.

I’m not an author, I’m not a celebrity, I don’t own a mansion or a yacht, but I have a deep-seated need to share my experience with others, and voracious addiction to teaching. You see, I was once like you, naive, alone, stuck on the Background Layer waiting to be unlocked, and it was only through sheer determination, Prozac & the endorsement I’ve yet to receive from Red Bull that I muddled my way through Adobe software. Chance encounters with Ben Willmore, Matt Kloskowski, Larry Becker & Scott Kelby have proven insightful and blunt with information. I’ve taken their advice, and I’ve spent the past six years building my credentials. Some say, “It’s not the destination, but the journey.”

I say a destination gives you a goal, a goal gives you focus, and focus brings about the purpose for that journey.

Help me achieve one of my goals. Help me get an invitation to teach at Photoshop World Fall 2009. Leave a comment with your support, and Digging this article would be appreciated.

Your Humble Adobe Wan.

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