Holla back y’all…

OK, if you happen to be reading this then leave a comment or two or three.

The website has been up & down since Friday night when I discovered my webhost decided to move my content from one server to another. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal except they didn’t let me know so at some point while DNS was propagating updates were split between the two servers.

For those peeps that have no clue what I’m talking about imagine DNS is like the Yellow Pages. If you want pizza, you look up Pizza Hut in the directory and get the phone number to a location nearest you. You don’t remember the phone number, it’s easier to remember Pizza Hut. DNS is the same thing. When you open your browser and type www.gottagotta.com your computer uses DNS to find the proper IP address so the website opens in your browser.

In my case, the entry in the phonebook was wrong so everybody dialing Pizza Hut called a disconnected number.

Anyways, that explanation was much too long. Hopefully, I’m online to everybody that matters. I’ve added to the blog list once again and if you get a chance checkout these awesome sites: brainrazor, choz, darkside/lightside, popdog, rhys-isms & sweetcitrus.

Spurs 110, Lakers 82 – See ya!!!

Thank God it’s over, Duncan ownz meIsn’t that a pickle? While Michelle & I are ecstatic that the Spurs handed the Lakers their ass on the court tonight, it ABSOLUTELY SUCKS that we missed the game. Yes, that’s right WE MISSED THE GAME. Not like we didn’t know the game was tonight, but did it have to end before we got home from seeing The Matrix Reloaded?


OK, so I was going to write my movie review (maybe later), but let’s just take a moment to say HOW SWEET THIS VICTORY IS!!!

Points to Kobe for being a gracious loser, but this house still doesn’t have any respect for Shaq.

(Thanks Katie for posting the happy news in the comment section)

Spurs 96, Lakers 94… whew…

Not this time!“One game after overcoming a 16-point deficit, the Lakers nearly erased a 25-point hole before falling 96-94 when Robert Horry’s 3-pointer with 3 seconds left went in and out Tuesday night.”

Sometimes you dominate the game, sometimes luck is smiling upon you. The Spurs edged passed the Lakers tonight after dominating the first half. (I didn’t know until this evening that the majority of playoff series between the Spurs & Lakers have followed this pattern) You have to give it to Phil Jackson if the Lakers win it’s all in the coaching. His ability to make the most minute adjustments during a game almost got the Lakers a win going back to LA.

Michelle & I will be crossing our fingers & toes in hopes that the Spurs will close out the series on Thursday.

On a personal note, I received a pleasant e-mail from Aidan who happened to click over from Katie’s blog. I have to thank him once more for his compliments about this site and Michelle. Aidan has a remarkable site of his own and I’m humbled to think he liked my design as I’ve barely tapped the limits of Flash & other advanced techniques.

Will you look at the time… Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

not that i promote drinking…

Hard to find outside of MichiganWhile comparing tastes in alcohol Katie asked the question well what is Cherry Kirsch anyhow?

Ah, the memories. From the parties at Michigan State to the late night Meijer runs to find it, nothing beats a 90 proof “Cherry” Coke. I have Derek to thank for the introduction and Amy for carrying on the tradition. If you’re looking for a strong mixed beverage that doesn’t taste like a cocktail then this is for you.

Not as overdone as Jack & Coke, or Rum & Coke, not a fruity concoction like Sex on the Beach, nope this a unique beverage its base ingredient I have only ever seen in Michigan.

Of course, my days of drinking until saturation are behind me, but on those celebratory occasions it’s fun to introduce folks to something that appears new & refreshing.

And it’s a good chaser for Mind Erasers & Dead Nazi shots.

UPDATE 5:10PM – Got a quite a few questions via e-mail so let me sum up:

Mind Eraser Shot – this is a shot containing 1/3 Kahlua, 1/3 Vodka & 1/3 Tonic Water. The shot is layered not mixed. Add ice then slowly pour Kahlua, Vodka then Tonic. Remember NOT to mix the shot and slurp quickly through a straw.

Dead Nazi Shot – a little simpler to make this is simply one shot of Jagermeister topped off with Rumplemintz. You can mix 50-50 if the Jager is too strong. This shot is also known as the Burning Nazi. Oh and don’t let anyone fool you into using any brand of Peppermint Schnapps instead of Rumplemintz. It is not the same shot.

In closing, here’s the Habanero Tequila story Rick was asking about. (View the picture and click the link for the text story window)

May Day Project

the may day photo projectHmmm… why is it during the week I have to get up at 5am and on the weekends when I have the chance to sleep in I’m up at 7am? Grrrr… stupid body clock. Well the upside is I spent the past two hours tidying up my photos for the May Day Project. And I quote:

“the may day project is an event where each person took (roughly) a photograph an hour to illustrate their day on saturday may 10, 2003. in 3 weeks, roughly 775 people signed up to take part and now this site lists everyone’s entries. people from australia, canada, america, europe and asia participated making it a worldwide photographic event!”

Welcome new viewers, here is my gallery from yesterday.