Weekend News

OK, Moxie covered the Scott Peterson story and Dawn added her opinion and some news about the Chinese.

I thought I’d throw in this bit about CNN. I don’t know how anyone cannot be pissed after hearing how CNN sat on the knowledge of Hussein’s violent atrocities of human rights for 12 (that’s right people – TWELVE) years. It looks like Bagdad will not only be the city that shot CNN into Primetime, but also the city that broke its back.

If people are going to stomp on CDs and ban the Dixie Chicks from radio airplay for simply voicing their opinion, I hope those same people exact even more extreme forms of retaliation against this “news” network.

Shameful, absolutely shameful.

In other news, update your links as The Ward is moving to a slightly different URL: http://www.theward.net/blog.html

Not sure when Ryan & Co. will be back online, but visit the old link for the skinny (plus some twisted-cool photos).

Azarok.com not just for adults anymore…

picture of my nephewKatie posted about her nephew yesterday and how she would be a super hero if she added his picture to the site. I learned last night that I have also influenced the younger generation except I lead the way to porn… well that’s certainly NOT something to add to the resume.

Did your parents ever tell you about “Your crazy Uncle Larry” when you were a kid? You know, the only single one left in the family, the guy that drank too much, partied all the time and had no sense of social responsibility at all. He’d show up to all the big family get-togethers and most of the family would be polite, but they would tell the kids ahead of time “Don’t talk to your Uncle Larry, he’s trouble”. And maybe your Uncle Larry wasn’t such a bad guy. Maybe he was simply an adult doing the things that adults do and now he suddenly had to be aware of his influence on the family.

Me, I’ve always loved kids. Been watching kids, interacting with kids since the time I was one myself. At some point Michelle & I will have our own rugrats, but in the meantime I enjoy the weekends we visit her sister as we can horse around with our niece and nephews. I’m pretty good about adjusting my behavior in the presence of the kids, but I hadn’t given any thought to them, specifically Michael, viewing this website.

I think it’s great that my nephew likes to read these entries. I’m glad that Michael enjoys the photo galleries (and he actually plays at my arcade), but I didn’t anticipate the consequences of him clicking the links to other people’s websites. When Michelle told me that her sister called because Michael found porn on my site I was a little confused.

“Porn, I don’t have any porn on this site.”

“What’s Michelle’s Wonderland then?”

“It’s a web cam site, Michelle’s a local racer, the one with the Trans Am.”

“Oh, well Michael thought you made a link specifically for me.”

Now I can understand the confusion, but I was still surprised about the porn part. Turns out like many other cam girls, Ms. Wonderland (the name I will now use so as not to have her confused with MY Michelle) has outbound links from HER site to porn. Not the Jenna Jameson kind of porn, but topless chicks nonetheless. Oops. While any adult might refrain from clicking all the “rate my cam pics” links, Michael certainly isn’t old enough to distinguish the good from the bad. I felt like I gave him one of my Maxim magazines only to have him call the 800-hot-sexx number listed in the back page ads.

That being said, I have rearranged the navigation this morning and posted some warnings before those links send you anywhere. If you’re reading this Michael, tell your parents Uncle A.J. isn’t crazy, he just didn’t know you were growing up so fast. Oh and everything YOU want is located at the top right menu, just have your parents look at those links of the left before you start reading them.

go here, here & here

buffy the vampire slayerNo witty banter this morning, just a few links for you to go to and some thanks.

Why didn’t I find this blog sooner? If I keep stumbling on blogs like Ryan McGee’s I just may pack up and go home. Excellent use of vocabulary (O the envy), long posts that don’t wear you out reading them (never has an expanded entry hyperlink been used so effectively) and did I mention he also blogs about Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Too bad I found out about his clever review site now when Buffy is in its final season with only five episodes left. Oh well, maybe I’ll luck out and he’ll decide to rate the previous seasons released on DVD. If you haven’t read his blogs (and I’d be surprised if you haven’t) then be sure to visit them TODAY.

I’ve been tweaking my photo galleries a bit (I’m always tweaking something) and I wanted to point out JoEllen Drazan who has an excellent tutorial which finally gave me some insight as to which files I need to edit to adjust the layout to my photo gallery. I also stole an idea from PixelPoet who added text to the navigation of her galleries. I should have done this a long time ago as people always fail to click the second page of albums or the next page of photos – NOW THEY KNOW.

OK, school is calling and I’m late again.

TAX DAY… dum.. da-dum dum

Why is it when I have the least amount of money I actually owe the Feds for a change? I was going to file an extension, but there was no reason to delay the inevitable. Although, I wonder if Uncle Sam will agree to my suggestion of $10 per month as payment on my taxes. Probably not. The one saving grace about stress is that given enough of it a person either cracks or gains a weird sense of equilibrium.

At the moment I have way more debt than I need given my income. Normally, I would be going insane right now, but as there’s no immediate answer to my financial woes I can’t foresee things getting any worse. $5k or $25k amounts to the same headache if you only have change for a $2 bill.

However, there is a bright spot. Michelle & I are doing much better and we had ourselves a great weekend with Geoff & Kathy. We joined them Saturday night in Garland where Geoff entered the new Saleen in a evening car show. Usually local shows are pretty small, but the turnout that afternoon was pretty good. I snapped off a few photos for you to view. After the show we saw Anger Management the new Adam Sandler flick with Jack Nicholson.

Sunday we headed out to Ennis to catch the Nopi Race Wars. The weekend weather was FANTASTIC. Spent the afternoon in the sun, Geoff snapped off more car pics and I caught some of the event on video. I’ll post Sunday’s pics once I get a CD from Geoff.

More later.