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Photo by Teflon Candy Productions, taken for the 2Bones Lake Shoot“Whenever I leave a country bar and I see a truck that says 4×4 on the side, I always paint in = XVI


Last week I got cut off on the highway driving to school. I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of the car which read “WWJD”. Now I’ve only seen merchandise like that here in Texas. Apparently WWJD stands for “What Would Jesus Do?”

I’m thinkin’ Jesus wouldn’t be driving like an @ssh#le cuttin’ people off in his Lexus.


Don’t you hate it when you flip somebody off and then you get stuck next to them at the stoplight? (care of comedian Dean Lewis)


I’ve been reading the ex-girlfriend stories over at The Ward this week and I was surprised when Ryan said he dated two girls back-to-back that had the same name. I mean what are the odds that you’d go out with two people who answered to Crazy Ass Bitch?

They even spelled it the same way.


So yesterday my buddy Knoll got pulled over doing 85mph in a 55 zone. As it was the end of the trooper’s shift he told my pal that if he could come up with a decent excuse for speeding the trooper would let him off with a warning.

Knoll said “Last weekend my girlfriend ran off with a policeman and I thought you were that guy trying to give her back.”


All jokes shamelessly stolen from comedians Chuck Cason & Dean Lewis.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  • LMFAO!!!!! Thanks for the laughs AJ….God I love the one about Crazy Ass Bitch!!!!!! I’m gonna have to blog this weekend about my embarrassing WWJD moment.

  • Jer August 2, 2003   Reply →

    for the reference of WWJD… i think in that case it was
    What Would Jesus Drive

    they tend to use it universally.

    second… did it work out for Knoll… did the officer give him his girlfriend back…(snort)

  • RP August 3, 2003   Reply →

    i want to have sex with the girl in that picture.

  • Ryan August 3, 2003   Reply →

    In that case, I’ll take sloppy seconds.

  • RP August 4, 2003   Reply →


  • A.J. Wood August 4, 2003   Reply →

    Heh, well I guess Ryan x2 would make any Texas gal blush.

    Where do I send the 8x10s to?


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