Movie Review – Finding Nemo

Dude, I’m the Big Kahuna!I know what you’re thinking, “How can you be reviewing Finding Nemo when The Hulk premiered this weekend?”

Frankly, the filmmakers couldn’t decide if The Hulk should be live action film or a cartoon so I’m not in a rush to check it out.

Finding Nemo was a fun film, if you find whiny, overly-cautious, pessimistic characters played by Albert Brooks funny. It followed that A+B+C formula, but I did enjoy myself. The story follows Marlin (voiced by Brooks) a clown fish who loses his son Nemo to a hobbyist fisherman because he’s over-protective and well kids need room to breath. What follows is Marlin’s quest across the ocean tackling obstacles he would never be inclined to face otherwise. Meanwhile, Nemo finds himself adjusting to being a “tank fish” on display in a dentist’s office. Tension mounts as Nemo learns from an eclectic gang of tropical fish that he’s a gift for the dentist’s niece the infamous “fish killer”.

The film offers many hilarious moments as Marlin battles sharks, jellyfish, scary-indescribable-no-reference-on-the-official-website-fish, rides under-sea currents, whales and generally struggles with his own pessimistic outlook. Nemo has many ”,coming of age” moments with the other tank fish and proves himself quite the hero towards the end of the film.

If you’re a Disney fan and admire the work of Pixar Entertainment then you can’t possibly be disappointed with this movie. The film entertains adults & kids alike and I would definitely recommend it on DVD.

Grade: B+ (For using plot formula and I’m not a fan of Albert Brooks)

Scratch That I Need A Drink…

New diet fad seems a little extremeSomething’s been picking at me for several days now. I can’t quite bring it into focus (remind me to rant about Lasik surgery some other time), but this week’s really just sucked.

– CASE #1 – I Will Comment You To Death –

So I’m reading Dawn’s site for the past week and I admire her tenacity amongst all the venomous comments left by some schmuck pretending to be various other blog authors. Apparently the hate-mongers picked Dawn as a target after the whole Moxie vs. MoxiePop debate (if you don’t know what I’m talking about take pride in your ignorance). The comments were so vile and numerous that Moxie disabled that feature on her blog all together. For Dawn, deleting the toxic text must have been a chore (there were 50+ comments on one entry alone) and I’m appalled that anyone could verbally abuse another person to such a degree. I’m not talking simple “You’re an @sshole” insults, but death threats were made to her family including her husband, daughter and unborn child.

My God people IT’S JUST A BLOG. Even if Dawn was a horrible person (which she is not) or you disagreed with her opinions (which you’re entitled to), grow up and go visit some other website that’s more to your liking.

– CASE #2 – Link Me Or Die –

Here’s a simple idea – if you like a website feel free to link it from your own. Said link doesn’t entitle you to be linked back by the other person. If that is your intent then I suggest a polite e-mail asking for a link exchange. It will make a better impression than “Hey you @ssh#le, I linked your website and then you ignore me?”. Well, dear reader if I wasn’t ignoring you before that e-mail I certainly am now.

Not everyone I have ever linked has linked back to me. I don’t link for popularity’s sake. The blog descriptions page is for your benefit (checkout something new). There are plenty of blogs I read that I haven’t linked yet, but I’m not ready to compete with Kevin Holtsberry for the longest blogroll. Actually, I will probably steal from Tony Pierce and start including blog links in my entries.

Now go visit Rob as new visitors who leave me comments deserve linkage.

– CASE #3 – You Are Not Your Blog or Hey Reader I Am Not My Blog –

Let me reiterate the message it Case #1 – It’s just a blog people. Reading someone’s website doesn’t make you intimately aware of their being. Sure some bloggers reveal more personal details than others, but that doesn’t make them instantly your friend or your enemy. I read a lot of different sites and I take a lot of what’s written with a grain of salt. If Ryan says he enjoys cat javelin I respect his right to express himself through literary prose even though I happen to love cats (and dogs). There are other reasons I enjoy visiting Ryan’s website.

I’ve long tossed around the idea of planning a road trip around the country to meet the bloggers behind the sites I visit. But imagine for a second what that would be like. It’s like meeting a celebrity for the first time – your expectations might not match with who they really are. Same could be said for bloggers. I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging e-mails with a number of bloggers that I visit or who visit me. I enjoy those conversations a lot and you people are very cool. But Ryan… err… Ryan McGee (I’m gonna have to assign codenames) said it best, “…anybody who comes here comes for the content, not for me.”

– CASE #4 – Pay Your Dues Citizen –

Long term readers know I was the victim of identity theft last year. This has still caused me some headaches and most recently one of my credit accounts was closed. In an effort to sort things out I had deal with the collection agency. I was told quite frankly that said collection agency didn’t give a shit about the particulars of my situation neither did the creditor. In fact, if I didn’t see fit to pay the balance in full (which until the account was mysteriously closed was in question) then the creditor would be forced to go after Michelle as apparently we have a joint account.

Now I admit, I messed up. Apparently, the credit card company took advantage of my ignorance and when I “sponsored” Michelle for a card last year I actually added her to my account. It would seem to me if we had a joint account then BOTH accounts would be closed, but Michelle’s account is now deliquent (with my questionable balance) while mine is closed. But I digress…

Said phone rep didn’t have to be such as @ssh#le over the phone. You sir are not privy to the details of my situation and while I’m fully aware that you are attempting to collect a debt and perhaps you hear thousands of sob stories each day that does not entitle you to belittle another person because you hate your job.

– Topic Change –

A funny thing happened at school this week. On Monday I was in English giving a presentation and during the class discussion my age came into question. “Oh, I’m thirty-something.” rolled off my tongue easily enough and then everything changed.

There was a sudden hush in the classroom – no really. “Dude! I thought you were like 24 or something?” Not sure where the shock came from, but even my English instructor seemed a little surprised. “No wonder you know so much, you’re an old dude.” I went instantly from a hip twentysomething to an old fart and all my cool points seemed to go out the window.

They say perception is reality and I could use a really good breath mint right now…

Spurs 88, Nets 77 – That’s Two Titles Baby!!!

David Robinson Goes Out On Top!Despite Jason Kidd bringing his A game early and trailing for three quarters, the Spurs managed to pull together for the series win in Game 6 of the NBA finals. Tim Duncan had a triple-double and was the series MVP. David Robinson had a great game and certainly a memorable Father’s Day as he moves on to retirement. (Here’s hoping he follows John Elway’s lead and not Michael Jordan’s by staying retired while he’s on top)

What a season for the Spurs – Best Record, Coach Of The Year, League MVP and finally their second championship. (I’ll leave the debate about asterisks to all you hardcore NBA fans)

Spurs 93, Nets 83 – One More To Go!!!

Hey, look at that I happen to have `net access at my hotel here in SAN ANTONIO. Too bad the Spurs were playing away tonight. Tickets for Game 6 go on sale tomorrow if we’re lucky Michelle & I will have ourselves a pair.

Tonight’s game was much better than the 28% performance on offense in Game 4. The early surprise was Jason Kidd who shot 29 points total to lead his team. Had the rest of the Nets been on the ball this might have been a different game. Fortunately, Tim Duncan also gave an impressive performance and have I not said they NEED TO PLAY STEVE KERR MORE. Once again he came off the bench and scored immediately. No one else can come off cold and play as well. Yes, he might not have the stamina for a full game, but with Tony Parker a question mark each game you need to get the ball in the hands of a proven vet.

Well, I could ramble on some more, but access to this public terminal is timed. I’m sure Sunday nights game will be a big one and I’m glad the Spurs came away with this win tonight.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be checkin’ back in Sunday night.

Movie Review – Triple Feature

This many people didn’t like the film and where are they now?OK, I put this off, but I’m going to do my best 30 second review of each movie before I go pick up Mich3lle and get out of town for the weekend.

Bruce Almighty
For anyone teetering on the fence with their own personal dogma you just might have a profound spiritual connection with this film. Jim Carrey plays down & out Bruce Nolan who after a string of bad days tells God to piss off. In return God grants him unlimited power and from there the comedy ensues. Amidst the film’s comedic moments I felt relieved to watch somebody else have a crappy day, yelling the same things I would typically yell. Sure the story was predictable and Jennifer Anniston played yet another Jennifer Anniston-like role, but it was campy good fun. Had Jim’s girlfriend been cast as a Mexican I’m sure Mich3lle would have fit the role very well. If you’re an atheist or hate it when movies make assumptions about Heaven or portray God as something not out of the King James edition then this film may not appeal to you.

Grade: A-, will probably buy the DVD.

2 Fast, 2 Furious
Sorry, but you won’t see Devon Aoki or Eva Mendes in the July issue of PlayboyWhatever your opinion was of the first movie the sequel stands on its own. Not because it’s any better or any worse, but seeing the original isn’t a prerequisite to watching the sequel. As action movies go 2F2F follows the same buddy-buddy action formula. While it doesn’t have the chemistry of 48 Hours or Lethal Weapon, it was decent matinee entertainment. The movie drags in a few places, but there’s plenty of eye candy for both sexes. Not as many fight scenes as the first movie, but plenty of car chases. If you’re looking for mindless entertainment MTV style then it’s worth your $5.

Grade: B-, what can I say I dig cars & bikes.

The Italian Job
I’ll take Roland’s word that this doesn’t compare to the original. I have to say Hollywood needs to come up with better marketing. Frankly there are no surprises in this film as the previews give everything away. You know some thieves pull a big heist. You know they get double-crossed. You know an elaborate scheme of vengeance ensues. Whether you like Mark Walberg or not, his performance is not pinnacle to liking this film. Another action picture simply for those that love action pictures. Throw in some witty banter, and this one may be worth a Blockbuster movie rental, but I wouldn’t waste money on the theatre or DVD.Survey says, not as good as the original

Grade: C+