Are You Catchin’ My Tweets?

Good morning dear readers. Based on recent feedback via Twitter, I am updating my tweet schedule for the following topics:

Adobe Tips – Monday through Friday, I post Adobe software tips at 9am & again at 9pm. Products include, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator & the occasional Acrobat/Bridge tweet.

In the past, I have posted the same product over a week’s timeframe. The challenge has not only been tweeting worthwhile info, but dealing with the brevity of allotted characters. Moving forward I intend to do a different product each day, e.g., Photoshop on Monday, Lightroom on Tuesday, etc. New hashtag is #Tip12pm

Profound Thoughts at 8:52am – Inspired by @Landailyn, I try to kick off your morning with a bit of wit. Sometimes profound, sometimes mundane, I figure if I keep swinging for the fences I’ll hit a couple big ones. I recently added the #852am hashtag to these tweets, and I am using Twitter search to repost & tag older tweets.

If you have thoughts or suggestions hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment (or two).

I Need PSW Love

Alrighty. I had planned a much longer post hours ago, when I hadn’t started ALL the things I started that I just now finished, which has me up late/early instead of sleeping, which would be a good idea considering I have a Flash class in about 7 hours. With that in mind, let me get to the point – I need your help to get to Photoshop World. Now, I’m not talking about a fundraiser. Don’t want your money–but feel free to hire me for your training needs ;^) –no, what I need is your support in convincing the wonderful folks at NAPP that yours truly would be an awesome speaker. If you’ve ever taken a class from me, if you enjoy my Twitter Adobe tips, if my tutorials on rock your socks off, then tell a friend, hug a stranger, write your Congressman, tell your Twitter peeps, shout it on Facebook, post on the NAPP forums–you want to see me deliver my first class at Photoshop World this October 2009.

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It’s My Birthday & You’re at PhotoShop World

It’s my birthday, and I sure wish I was spending it at Photoshop World. In case you hadn’t heard you can watch the live Keynote on the PSW blog starting at 9am EST.

Truly, I would have been in Boston this week, but how could I miss my daughter’s first birthday? So while many of my Twitter peeps are gettin’ their Photoshop on, I’ll be makin’ up for missed travels by shooting the Red Carpet at tomorrow’s AFI Dallas festival.

At least Photoshop World is a semi-annual conference, so I can pick up all the cool stuff in the fall.

Have a great day everyone!

Interview with Vince Dudzinski aka @pairadocsdesign

About 12 days ago I had a chance to catch up with a friend of mine Vince Dudzinski. First of all, let me say that my buddy Vince has the distinct honor of sharing my daughter’s birthday today. So Happy Birthday Vince! My gift to you? A blog post, heh heh.

For those of you that have not connected with Vince, you can catch him on Twitter as @pairadocsdesign. What you REALLY want to do is visit Vince’s Flickr photostream. I learned two things after viewing Vince’s images – he’s exceptionally talented, and I didn’t spend nearly enough time hangin’ out with him while I visited Michigan State (back in the day). Here are some excerpts from an IM conversation I recently had with him on Google Talk:

(Just a heads up, this article is long, and my attempts to break into multiple pages have not worked with my current theme. Hope to have this resolved shortly)

A.J. – How you doin?

Vince: good, man – how are you? Kid was sick now wife is… trying to avoid it

A.J. – Aack! Not good. Thanks for jumpin’ on tonight, and being my first interviewy person.

Vince: heh. no problem man. I’m flattered 🙂

A.J. – Sure, you’re Flickr stuff is amazing… so many questions, so little time…

Vince: cool – thank you. I’m still learning the photography thing. I feel I can never stop learning really. I appreciiate the kind words. I’ve only been taking photography really seriously for just over a year now… and I look back at older stuff and shudder.

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Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl!!!

It’s a special day as my daughter Sydney turned one years old. As a new parent, I’m amazed at how quickly one year has passed. Really. It’s an incredible feeling to see the embodiment of potential conceived from the love my wife & I share. Baby girl is joy, pure joy. 

I need to get the final pictures taken to complete the pages for Sydney’s first baby book. Feel free to leave birthday wishes, and enjoy these pics of baby girl.